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Ideal heating method - electric heating
Release date:2017/2/14 11:34:39 Click:8539
        At present, a single warm is not enough, people need is a science, safety, environmental protection, economy, convenience, comfort, energy saving in all aspects of a heating method. Then the coal heating, gas fuel heating, electric heating, which heating can take the big enough to meet the needs of the people?
First, coal heating - heating costs are not low
Energy by the market price from low to high order for the 1 coal, 2 electricity, 3 gas, 4 oil. Although the coal price is the lowest, but the people pay the heating fee is not low, mainly due to the low utilization of coal heat, pipeline heat loss, coupled with the boiler, pipeline operation and maintenance costs, labor costs, electricity, etc. To the people who feel higher per square meter.
To residential housing, for example, although there are higher heating charges, but the heating business is still complaining. In some areas, the government in order to resolve the contradictions had to come up with huge amounts of money on the heating to make up. In addition, coal heating to the city to bring warmth but also cause great pollution, resulting in a large number of waste gas, waste water, waste residue, take up a lot of valuable land. Now many cities have 10 tons of small boilers under the slaughter. Heating the energy structure from coal to electricity, wind, solar, natural gas and other clean energy.
Second, gas, fuel heating - high prices, the use of attention to safety
Gas fuel heating, is the natural gas, oil combustion heat generated directly for heating, the current heating methods include a household gas furnace for a household, a building or a small area of gas, oil boilers and for large Area of the heating of the regional gas, oil boiler.
First of all, from the security point of view, the household fuel heating households in terms of fuel procurement, transportation, custody and other issues can not be resolved. For household heating gas users can be through the pipeline and gas storage tank households, but the heating involves a wide area of thousands of households, the quality of personnel varies, the old and the sick need heating, which is on the gas heating equipment The safety requirements are very high, to prevent the occurrence of various accidents. To now use the gas, liquefied gas is concerned, is used in the ignition cooking, the annual fire often occur, the explosion and Yang and neighbors, resulting in people lack of security. In particular, urban tall buildings, population density, the choice of gas furnace single household to be careful.
Second, the fuel, gas stove, although there are automatic alarm and shutdown device, but the electronic equipment can not be 100% reliable, if the leak is not in the detection area or due to wind and other reasons Leak concentration in the detection point can not reach the standard alarm shutdown As well as power supply system failure can have serious consequences.
Third, fuel, gas furnace heating circuit is a closed system, although the equipment has a temperature, pressure detection system but there are also reliability problems. Household gas, fuel furnace work requires a lot of oxygen, we closed the doors and windows in order to heat, it will compete with us for indoor limited oxygen.
Fourth, the heating price is higher, the Beijing gas heating each heating period of 30 yuan / square meter, 40% higher than the electricity. Shenyang, a gas station, for example: construction area of 180 square meters, the use of oil furnace geothermal heating, a heating period about 15,000 yuan oil, the average per square meter up to 83 yuan (5.2 times the electric heating), and dare not Total burning, room temperature 12-13 degrees or so. This shows that gas heating costs slightly higher acceptable, oil heating costs are difficult to accept.
Third, the electric heating - than the central heating costs nearly 30%
Electric heating is a kind of high quality comfortable and environmentally friendly heating way which converts clean electric energy into heat energy. After long-term practical application, it is proved that it has many other incomparable superiority of heating mode, and has been recognized by more and more users And accept.
First of all, electric heating is conducive to the country's environmental protection, energy saving, saving land and water resources, the national grid has the role of filling peak, so that the grid more secure and reliable operation. According to the sources, China's power grid peak-valley ratio of 0.54 or so, so the state can take full advantage of investment in the valley section of resources to achieve energy-saving income.
Second, the electric heating is conducive to real estate developers to reduce costs: reduce land input, reduce heating costs.
Third, the electric heating is conducive to reducing the cost of housing and heating costs, heating and flexible. To electric heating, for example, the system is equipped with intelligent thermostat, the people can achieve on-demand heating, when the room is temporarily uninhabited (travel and other reasons), can be set to maintain the heating or programmed heating, Room temperature, ready to stay. When the power outage due to power out, the room can be a long time insulation, the temperature is very good comfort. In the application of energy-saving buildings, room temperature maintained at about 18 degrees in the case of heating each year compared to central heating, can save 25-30% of the cost.
Fourth, the electric heating measurement accurate and undisputed, how much money with how much money is conducive to building a harmonious society.
Fifth, electric heating is conducive to urban non-central heating area, suburbs, the Yellow River Basin, the Yangtze River and rural decentralized residential users for heating.
In summary, the electric heating is the most in line with the heating needs of the people heating. Now the state advocates clean electricity, which has emerged wind power, solar power, hydropower stations, tides, nuclear power plants, biogas power generation, etc. These are clean energy. Trickle into the Yangtze River, rivers into the sea, electric heating is the ideal way of heating the future!